Shortwave - ¨Radio Gramox¨ on 3960kHz


'Shortwave - ¨Radio Gramox¨ on 3960kHz'

Shortwave - ¨Radio Gramox¨ on 3960kHz.

Radio Gramox is a a radio station with a temporary / experimental broadcasting license in Finland.
They are located about 180kms north of Helsinki , near the city of Tampere.
Radio Gramox puts out a maximum of 50Watts , although some reports say it averages 20 watts.
The program material is music from the 20's to 50's . primarily found on locally produced 78rpm records.
The signal in Helsinki is quite weak and it has some interference at times.
This video was recorded just after 9pm Saturday 3:10:2014.

I thought that it was fitting to record this from my Yaesu FRG-7 , an old technology shortwave radio receiver.

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