'Global24 Radio' on 9395kHz Shortwave


''Global24 Radio' on 9395kHz Shortwave'

'Global24 Radio' on 9395kHz Shortwave.
A welcome new player on the short wave scene is a station using the WRMI Okeechobee transmitter site in Florida USA.

This station plays live feeds from other SW international broadcasters as well as their own content.

As their website says -
¨Global24 was founded in 2014. Our mission is to bring news, entertainment and music to an international shortwave audience.
Day time coverage is much of North America with decent signals. Our night time coverage extends into Europe, Asia and beyond.¨

This is how it sounds in my shack , in Helsinki Finland.
In the middle of the video the feed from South Korea begins , that marks 0900 hours UTC.

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