Curse of the Broomstick SW Antenna.


'Curse of the Broomstick SW Antenna'

Curse of the Broomstick SW Antenna.
eBay is a dangerous place to buy shortwave radio antennas.
Charlatans and scammers sell home made products that simply do NOT work.
This suckers in the inexperienced short wave radio hobbyist as they often do not know what to expect from a good antenna system.
Often they will chalk up the poor performance to something that they did , or to the atmospheric conditions.
Amazingly , people that should know better pop up to support flawed ideas , yet offer no proof.

Hamrad88 recently installed the Broomstick antenna that is often seen for sale on eBay.
His did not work.

In this video I respond to some of the comments left by shortwave radio experts.

Lets see how expert they really are.

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