Awesome News From HamAndShortWaveRadio


'Awesome News From HamAndShortWaveRadio'

Awesome News From HamAndShortWaveRadio.
Today this modest Ham Radio and Short Wave Radio channel on Youtube reached and important milestone.
Today it got up to 1000 subscribers.
Please support HamAndShortwaveRadio by subscribing , viewing the videos , commenting and re-sharing.
Thanks to all that have done so already.
HamAndShortwaveRadio has achieved this 1000 subs in a mere 11 months , which very likely makes it the fastest growing channel in the field of Amateur radio and Short Wave Radio here on YouTube.
If you are interested in Ham Radio , perhaps you have just got your Amateur Radio license , or if you are a Short Wave listener then you are bound to like the videos , here on HamAndShortWaveRadio.

More ham and shortwave radio videos by gregW:-) OH2FFY at - 'HamAndShortwaveRadio'.