'WiFi Quad'

I am not providing build instructions - so don't ask

Today I made an antenna for experiments on 2.4GHz.
Its a 7 element Quad.
The 1.2mm copper wire is held in place on a plastic tube with fibreglass resin.
It has fallen over a few times already (like Pamela Anderson , its a bit top heavy) and its not been damaged , its quite a tough little beasty.
I fed it with about 10 meters of RG-213 , and for this frequency its loss is a bit too high , but it works well anyway and it should provide gain somewhere in the region of 15 to 17dB , double that of a Yagi with the same number of elements.

Here I have it on my balcony aimed at a nearby apartment building.
The building is about 250 to 300 meters away and is obscured by trees , not only that but its half over the hill.

This gave 18 more signals than can be picked up by my normal antenna.
When I first tried the antenna last night the signal list scrolled off the screen with approximately 50 new signals - WOW.

It was good to see that most of them employ some sort of security.


Today I did a test of the antenna and I am truly surprised with the result.
It proves to be highly directional with good gain.

On the test signal with a standard wi-fi antenna in place it measured up as -63dbm and 67% good signal.
With the Quad connected this improved to -52dbm and 85% good signal.
An improvement of 11dbm over the stock antenna.

Future construction idea - parabolic antenna.