'Why I drive a 1983 Fiat UNO'

Over the years I have been fortunate to own many cars.
They have ranged from exotic European sports cars to modified 5 litre Ford V8's , to various GM 6 cylinder cars , and a mix of Japanese cars and 4X4s as well.
It hasn't been uncommon for me to own a number of cars at the same time , I was continually buying and selling often up to my legal limit of how many cars a person can trade without having a dealers license.

It for a time was almost a hobby , to experience so many different vehicles.
Add to this my time spent working at 'Ford' , I certainly have driven or owned a very large percentage of different cars.

In more recent years I have been travelling often overseas , and when I do , I make sure that I try a different rental car each time.
Perhaps the only person to drive more cars than me is Jeremy Clarkson :-)

So exactly Why I drive a 1983 Fiat UNO.
Well , it is quite a long story how I got this exact car  , I certainly wasn't hunting for one , , it sort of happened by accident.
The car was owned by an old man that lives in my apartment building and as he is no longer able to drive he offered to me at an unbeatable price.

When I was in my early 20's I used to race a Fiat 128 two door sedan in club competition events , and was quite successful at beating off much more powerful opposition.
Adding to the several 128s that I have owned I have also had 3x 125S , 2x124 sports ,so you could say that my 'relationship' and understanding of Fiats is solid.

I have always had exceptional service and value for money from my Fiats so I was not apprehensive of getting the UNO.
The stories of poor parts available , difficulty of repairs , and rust problems is for the most part unfounded.

9.30pm at the summer house ready for some DX action in the UNO.

My '83 UNO is entirely rust free , drives very well , has very good fuel consumption , and ALL parts are STILL available., whether it be for the bodywork or mechanicals.
Repairs are dead easy when required with no specialist tools required.
Not many cars can boast such thing , perhaps the only other car that comes to my mind is the old generation VW Beetles.

But parts availability for this car is quite irrelevant.
With a touch over 50,000kms on the clock I haven't been forced to do any repairs as such , but I have been doing upgrades to improve driving performance and overall reliability.

Along with the philosophy of QRP (low power communication) I took it even further with the UNO.
The UNO has a 903cc 4 cylinder engine and as such you would expect it to be a pathetic performer , but just like QRP in radio , its not the power level that is important , it is the execution of that power that makes the difference.

With acceleration on par with the current small eco hatches the UNO clearly isn't a race car , but then it wasn't designed to be one.
It does however provide economical motoring , ease of repairs , low cost insurances , and the satisfaction of knowing that I am getting efficient transport with the lowest possible amount of power.

QRP - without compromising , too much. :-)