'Who is Mister Shonky ?'

Who is Mister Shonky ?
Well that is certainly a question that everyone should know the answer to.

To discover the answer we should first know what being Shonky really means ?
Shonky , sometimes alternately spelt as Shonkey , has many definitions , but they all basically mean the same thing.


A Shonky person has the predisposition to break the law and will do it whenever it is suitable for their own personal gains.
This can include avoiding the paying of income tax , or providing services which allow third parties to break the law.

An example of this might be a person that specifically markets and sells hydroponic garden equipment to people knowing that they will use it for the production of illegal drugs.
While this is technically not illegal , it is a service that helps others to break the law.
Another Shonky example would be people that provide services or products and encourage 'cash payments' with no receipts , in order to hide their income from the tax office.

Mister Shonky's can also be those people that repair , build or provide a service , and their work practices or results fall far from an acceptable standard.
These people may seem able to 'fix things' , but often in the end these same devices boomerang back again with even more problems.

Simply put , Mister Shonky is anyone and everyone that carries out repairs or any sort of business in a way that ends up with a substandard result.

What can be done with Shonky people ?
Unless we are able to get the authorities to enforce the law there is not much that we can do in a legal way against Shonky people.
However we can collectively stop Shonky business practices by avoiding all those that act this way.

In the end most Shonky people do not prosper , they usually end up completely broke and perpetually trying to scrape together a meager living through Shonky business deals and services which are often on the illegal side of right.

So when it comes time to send you radio off for its next repair , make sure that you don't send it off to some Mister Shonky.

Remember , if you are paying a person offering  a repair service they will provide a written quote up front with details of all the faults and the proposed repair plan , they will then be able to repair the item in a timely manner and provide a written guarantee on a receipt.

Anything less , is SHONKY !!!