'My Radio Desk + audio control centre'

Having my radio and PSU perched on a narrow window ledge allowed it to be conveniently hidden by the curtain , but it sure as heck makes operating for any length of time quite difficult.
I could only have one radio out at a time, the rest were packed away in storage - it was hopeless.

I had enough and decided to do something about it - this is the story of what I came up with.

By Finland's standards we live in a reasonably largish sized 1 bedroom apartment , and if you were a person that has a 9 to 5 job this would make for excellent sleeping quarters , but the space that I have is quite poor if you want to actually do anything at home aside from eating and sleeping.
With such limited space compromises must be made in order to create a home that is both functional and pleasant to be in.

So far I have been compromising my radio activities in favour of the wife's decor wishes , and most certainly , an ugly (in her opinion) radio desk is not something that can easily be hidden or made look nice.

Well , after years of begging like a savage she finally buckled under and on our wedding anniversary she agreed that as a sort of gift to me , that she would ''allow me'' to set up a desk in the lounge room for the radios.
But of course, there were conditions......

The new desk had to look nice.
It had to fit in with the rest of the rooms decor style , although as far as I can tell , the style - is having no style at all.

I agreed to these conditions , how hard could it be....

UGG . !

First problem was finding a desk.
We did the whole IKEA things , man that place is hell on earth for a man ,,, and we looked at all the furniture shops around - and NOTHING was suitable.

After exhausting all the options of new buying a new desk , we looked online for used stuff.
Eventually we found something that's was an acceptable style , fitted in with my requirements , was pretty well the right size BUT as it was clear lacquered that had yellowed it looked worn and old , and also was the wrong colour.

Idiot me said , 'I will change the colour to anything that you want'.

So we got the desk and then explored the various options for staining or painting.
To cut a long and drawn out story , after several weeks of hard work the desk was stripped of its lacquer back to wood and recoated in a semi transparent water based paint.
It seems that oil based paints , stains and lacquers are on their way out and are being replaced by environment friendly water based products.
This stuff was IMPOSSIBLE to use , truly horrendous , and outrageously expensive -- but anyway that's the way it went.

I built a new upper shelf for the desk that will support the computer monitor and another couple of rigs.
Here the desk is shown painted , and the unfinished raw pine shelf on top.