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Ham Radio Trolls.
It is true , some Ham Radio operators are Internet Trolls.
In this video I explain what 'Trolls' are , what they do , why they do it , and why REAL Ham Radio Operators are not Trolls.

Radionuts in the end , are just NUTS !

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Don't Become A Ham Radio Operator !
Ham Radio Trolls.
CB Radio operators being heard in Finland. pt1.
CB Radio operators being heard in Finland. pt2.
Shortwave Radio - ¨Sound Of Hope¨ Taiwan On 17170kHz.
RTE 1 Ireland on 252kHz Longwave DX.
How To Test Old Coaxial Cables - Ham Radio.
IRIB Iran on 7325kHz Shortwave.
Ham Radio contact with K8CW.
A Ham Radio contact with JG1OUT.
Gander ATC On 8864kHz Shortwave.
Fixing a CB or ham Radio Microphone.
Bangkok Meteo Radio on 8743kHz Shortwave.
Indonesian fishing communications on Shortwave.
'Grootnieuwsradio' 1008kHz from Holland.
DR Langbølge / Kalundborg on 243kHz LongWave DX.
Medium Wave DXing - 'SBC Radio Riyadh' on 1440kHz.
'Horizont' (aka Horizon) Bulgaria on 261kHz Longwave.
'Radio Exterior de España' Shortwave prepares to close down.
Medium Wave DXing - IRIB Radio Tabriz IRAN 1026kHz.
Shortwave - ¨PBS Xizang¨ on 6200kHz.
¨Voice Of Tibet¨ on 15582kHz.
Time signal station ¨CHU¨ Canada on 3330kHz.
Time signal station ¨CHU¨ Canada on 7850kHz.
Shortwave - UVB-76 Buzzer on 4645kHz.
Shortwave - ¨IRIB Voice Of Justice¨ on 11780KHz.
Shortwave - ¨Radio Gramox¨ on 3960kHz.
Ham Radio contact with VR2XMT.
Ham Radio Contact With 9J2T in Zambia On The Yaesu FT-101ZD.
Ham Radio contact with AU3NIAR In India On The Yaesu FT-101ZD.
Shortwave - Radio Habana Cuba Coming In Great on 5040kHz.
Shortwave Spy Station 'Russian Man'.
Shortwave - The Famous WBCQ on 9330kHz Shortwave Radio.
Ham Radio - OH2FFY Makes A Contact With MW0ZZK in the UK.
Shortwave - A Great Shortwave Signal -  'SW Radio Africa' on 4880kHz.
Shortwave - Radio New Zealand on 15720kHz.
Shortwave - Yaesu FRG-100 Modification - AM BCB Band Attenuator Removal.
Medium Wave DXing - ¨TRT Turkey¨ 702kHz on the Yaesu FRG-100.
ABC Northern Territory Australia On 2485kHz Shortwave.
ABC Northern Territory on 4835kHz Shortwave.
Rare Shortwave DX - ABC Northern Territory Australia 2325kHz !
BBC4 Long Wave DXing - Just like a local station.
Replacing Bad Electrolytic Capacitors In My Computer.
Investigating my Yaesu FRG-7 Shortwave Radio Receiver.
Trying out the Yaesu FRG-7 Shortwave Receiver.
Time signal station ¨CHU¨ Canada on 14670kHz Shortwave.
Japanese Slot Machines on 8588kHz Shortwave.
Shortwave Jamming - North Korea Disrupting South Korea.
Shannon Volmet on 8957kHz Shortwave.
Santa Maria ATC Azores 8906kHz Shortwave Radio Aero Station.
Fitting PL-259 UHF Connectors for CB, Ham Radio and Shortwave use.
Ham Radio Contact with AA1BU on 20 meters.
All India Radio on 11670kHz Shortwave.
The 'Amazing Balcony' Shortwave Antenna.
Shortwave + MW DXing - Make A Box Loop Antenna And Improve Long Distance Radio Reception !
France Inter 162kHz Long Wave on the Yaesu FRG-100.
Shortwave Radio - Irish Church services on 27830kHz WPAS.
Shortwave - WJHR on 15550kHz.
Yaesu FRG-7 Red Green LED Lock Indicator modification.
UK CB Radio Operators Love Fucking.
Shortwave - ¨The Mighty KBC¨ on 6095kHz.
Building a LM3909 LED Flasher.
Make a Remote Antenna Switch.
My Ham Radio and Shortwave Vertical Antenna.
Yaesu FRG-100 AGC rate modification.
Radio Australia on 11660kHz Shortwave - 2012.
AM BCB DXing , a great hobby.
'The Squeaky Wheel' S32 on 5473kHz Shortwave.
'The Pip' S30 on 5448kHz Shortwave.
Bernradio Switzerland 'HEB' on 6367kHz Shortwave.
4462kHz pulse on Shortwave.
'Global24 Radio' on 9395kHz Shortwave.
My Home Made Regenerative Shortwave Radio.

Shortwave Random Wire External Antenna vs The Vertical.
Ham Radio contact with W1AW
North Korea on 11645kHz Shortwave.
What Do Prospective Ham Radio Operators REALLY Need ?
Review - 'The Manual Of Modern Radio' part 2 , a book by John Scott-Taggart.
Subscriber Shout Outs And Channel News 1.
Ham Radio IW3FZQ 10 Meter Beacon Heard At OH2FFY In Finland.
HM01 'Cuban Lady' On 10345kHz Shortwave.
The Pip' S30 on 3756kHz Shortwave.
VOA Radiogram , Have You Heard It ?
Women's Underwear And YouTube Viewer Comments.
The 'Amazing Balcony' Shortwave Antenna - Why didn't it work ?
Subscriber Shout Outs And Channel News 2.
Ham Radio Operators That Steal Your Stuff !!!
Passing Through Hong Kong.
What Type Of Hams Cause QRM ?
Testing A Portable Shortwave Radio.
Thumbs Up If You Like IT.
Voice Of America Booming In On the Regenerative Receiver.
Radio Australia on the Regenerative Shortwave Radio.
'VOA Botswana' On The Yaesu FRG-100 Shortwave.
Subscriber Shout Outs And Channel News 3.
'The Overcomer Ministry' from Okeechobee, Florida on the FRG-7 Shortwave.
WWCR from Nashville , Tennessee on the FRG-7 Shortwave.
¨Reach Beyond Australia¨ HCJB on the FRG-7 Shortwave Radio.
A True Friend Has Passed Away.
North Korea on the Yaesu FRG-7 Shortwave Radio.
New Zealand On The Yaesu FRG-7 Shortwave Radio.
Random Vacation Footage - Fuerteventura Canary Islands.
Subscriber Shout Outs And Channel News 4.
WAI-FM Malaysia on the Yaesu FRG-7 Shortwave.
Cheap Electronics Parts in the EU.
The OH2FFY QRP Ham Radio Big-Gun station.
Can Microwave Oven's Protect Electronics In A EMP Attack ?
Shortwave and Ham Radio Hobbies Are Expensive - Or Are They ?
Regenerative Receiver Presentation by Chuck Kitchin N1TEV part1.
Regenerative Receiver Presentation by Chuck Kitchin N1TEV part2.
How to operate a internet Wide-band WebSDR Receiver.
Such sad news - Guglielmo Marconi Has Died.
Shortwave - Mumbai INDIA ATC Air Traffic Control heard way up in Finland.
Shortwave - Romania's 'Radio Romania International' on 17670kHz.
Ham Radio - OH2FFY makes a contact with A61CK on the Yaesu FT-101ZD.
Ham Radio - Make DIY PCBs with the 'Toner Transfer' method.
Sunspots are NOT so IMPORTANT¨.
DIY Audio Isolator - STOP Ground Loops and Improve Your PC Recording.
Yaesu FRG-100 Backup Battery Replacement.
BBC on the Regenerative Shortwave.
Review - 'The Manual Of Modern Radio' , a book by John Scott-Taggart.
Shortwave - Comparing A Home Made REGENERATIVE Receiver with a Yaesu FRG-100.
Medium Wave Band DX - TalkSPORT on 1089kHz.
DW Africa on the Regenerative Shortwave Radio.
Build A Flip Flop Circuit - It is Easy.
How to Make a Shortwave Radio Antenna for Less Than $1.00.
Curse of the Broomstick SW Antenna.
Mainsail Emergency Action Message on 8992kHz Shortwave.
CBers and Hams , Be Careful When Buying Accessories.
Building A Dick Smith HF K-6330 Ham Radio Transceiver KIT - Introduction
Building A Dick Smith K-6330 HF Ham Radio Transceiver KIT - Part 1
'Vatican Radio' On The Yaesu FRG-100 Shortwave Radio.
My SOLAR POWER Electronic Lab Kit from Radio Shack.
Radio Shack Solar Kit - Building our first electronics project.
'The Overcomer Ministry' from Palau Western Pacific Ocean.
Is A Shortwave Longwire Antenna Directional ? The Truth !!
Make A Ham Radio Transmitter - It's Easy.
Is A Shortwave Longwire Antenna Directional ? - part 2
How High Should My Shortwave Radio Antenna Be ?
Yaesu FRG-7700 Repair 1 of 4.
Yaesu FRG-7700 Repair 2 of 4.
Yaesu FRG-7700 Repair 3 of 4.
Yaesu FRG-7700 Repair 4 of 4.
Building A Dick Smith K-6330 HF Ham Radio Transceiver KIT - Part 2
Building A Dick Smith K-6330 HF Ham Radio Transceiver KIT - Part 3
Yaesu FRG-7700 VFO Lamp Replacement.
Radio Shack Solar Kit - Building a Transmitter project.

Radio Shack Solar Kit - Building a Light Beam Code Receiver.
Radio Shack Solar Kit - Building an Electronic Cat.
Have You What It Takes to Make It In Radio ?
Shortwave - Helliniki Radiophonia - Voice of Greece.
BBC on 11890kHz Shortwave.
Basic Principles Of Frequency Modulation
The Greatest Advance In Television since color television itself.
E11 'Oblique' Numbers SPY Station on 6304kHz Short Wave.
Trying out the MK-168 Transistor Tester.
Measure Inductance and Capacitance Easily with a LC Meter.
Shortwave - Shanwick ATC Air Traffic Control on 4675kHz.
Shortwave - Vatican Radio on 15570kHz.
Medium Wave DXing - 630kHz Radio Timosoara.
Don't Mess With Ham Radio Operators !!!
Radio Shack Solar Kit - Building a Digital NOT Circuit.
Building A Dick Smith K-6330 HF Ham Radio Transceiver KIT - Part 4
Radio Thailand World Service on 9390kHz Shortwave.
How Is Sound Added To Motion Pictures ?
Morse Code - 'The Technique Of Hand Sending'.
Awesome News From HamAndShortWaveRadio.
Shockingly Simple ShortWave Radio Loop Antenna Beats The Noise.
Shortwave - Yaesu FRG-100 DC Socket Replacement - Part 1.
Shortwave - Yaesu FRG-100 DC Socket Replacement - Part 2.
Shortwave - Radio Australia On My Home Made Regenerative Radio Receiver.
Shortwave - Easy To Make Radio Battery Box For Camping Or Prepping.
Building A Dick Smith K-6330 HF Ham Radio Transceiver KIT - Part 5.
Shortwave - Make a Random Wire Antenna for Shortwave Radio Reception.
Shortwave - UVB76 Spy Station Also Now On 7MHz.