On the ¨Tonight with Jay Leno¨ tv program some time back , they carried out a live comparison speed test between some old timer morse code guys and the countries fastest phone text messager.

So what is faster , 100+ year old morse code , or the high tech mobile phone button pushers. ?

morse versus TXT - mp3

¨We have found the fastest text messager in the country. Come on out Ben and his friend Jason.¨


¨I typed a 160 character message in 57 seconds¨

¨Now we are going to see how fast this technology is , lets bring out Ken and Chip. Come on out here fella's¨

¨Were going to give each team a card with the same sentence on it. Who do you think will be the fastest ? - Morse code or text messaging.¨
¨TXT messaging , Oh yeah¨

¨How old is morse code¨
¨170 years¨

¨Alright gentlemen , let's sit down at our desks.¨

¨Now in front of you is a card - They have got the same sentence on it - When I say GO - flip over the card and send the message to your partner¨

¨GO ! - - Yell out when you have the message¨

¨Can you hear the morse code ?¨
¨Yes , I can.¨

¨Lets see who is faster¨

¨C'mon Ben¨



¨Whoa , morse code -- Would you read me your message Sir.¨

¨I've just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance¨

¨That is the message sent OK¨

¨Very good¨

¨I'me sorry Ben and Jason you were beaten by 140 year old technology.¨