'Yaesu FT-101ZD Extender Boards'

To facilitate the servicing of many of the Yaesu rigs of the 70's extender service boards were required to 'lift' boards up out of the chassis so as to provide access for probing the circuit.

These boards are no longer available from Yaesu so I have provided the information and artwork here so you can easily build your own boards for the FT-101Z and ZD.

Other models use the same type of boards but the earlier 101s for example have more sizes.

So , this is what we are making.
The widest of these boards is 14 pin , and the others are 10 pins , but one of those is double sided.
3 boards are required for the FT-101Z and ZD.

Provided on the artwork are accurate cutting guides for socket fitments , if required.
The artwork makes for quite long boards and these can be cut down as required.

These PC boards here are similar in size to the original Yaesu ones and are 9cm in length , + the height of the connector.

After etching these boards I tin plated them with solder and a hot iron.
This makes them more durable than leaving them plain copper , plus it gives an easily solderable surface if you want to solder temporary wire hooks for attaching probe clips.

The sockets that I used were genuine NOS Yaesu , but cheaper and just as good alternatives can be found , but be warned , not all sockets that look like these will fit.....

Sockets that you will often come across that look like these have a pin spacing based on imperial measurements.
The ones that Yaesu used had a 4mm pitch metric spacing.
A data sheet for a similar socket is found in the links below as are various board artwork files.