CODAN transceiver introduction


These are my two Codan HF radios.

They are both Codan 7277's the black one being a newer version , essentially identical apart from the option variations.
Codan radios are produced in my home country of Australia and they are well known among residents living away from the populated areas.
I doubt there is actually any other radio made in the later half of the 20th century that has had such a valued impact upon people anywhere in the world.

So this is one of the reasons why I bought the old crusty Codans.
They are iconiclly country Australian , just the same as baby eating Dingo's , Kangaroo's , Boomerangs , Wool and Gold.

But how can a radio have such a huge impact on a nation as big as OZ.?
It all started a long time ago when emergency medical services found it impossible to provide quick response times to patients living in remote areas.
Around this time home or mobile based radio transceiver sets made it possible for emergency calls to be made and then the doctors could come to your farm in a aeroplane and land on a dirt strip at or near your residence.
This was the birth of the RFDS - The Royal Flying Doctor Service.

mobile codan oh2ffy

Who knows how many lives were saved by the RFDS. !!
No doubt tens of thousands have been treated in outback settlements for disease prevention and when giving birth.

Codan 7277 oh2ffy