'Building the DSE K-6330 Transceiver Kit.'

After a terrible wait of several months I am finally getting my mojo into order and starting to build this kit.

The complete build manual is here.
As you can see the original paper manual is showing it's age now , so thanks to my brother for some great scanning and cleaning up we have a great copy that is easily readable.
It is in separate , page numbered images , so you can download as little or as much of it as you like and follow along with my progress.

The manual is here.
Band Modifications
Block Diagram
Pages 01-09
Pages 10-19
Pages 20-29
Pages 30-39
Pages 40-49
Pages 50-59
Pages 60-69
Pages 70-76




Will I be able to build this without screwing it completely up ?
Who knows ....
Watch me on YouTube as I go through the build , it's going to be a hoot.